14 Gestures

29.07.20 - 29.10.20

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14 Gestures explores languages of improvisation and new scoring techniques by Australian multi-disciplinary artist and composer, Lisa Lerkenfeldt.

In search of new systems of representation, Lerkenfeldt introduces traces of a personal discipline and form of graphic notation based on movement.

A selection from a series of fifty-eight ink works on paper unfold in a virtual field. The role of the common hair comb is called into question through movements of varying frequency, intensity and direction. Lerkenfeldt disrupts the purpose and function of an object which has informed aesthetics of beauty, presentation and order. Viewers are invited to navigate forms and the spaces between for their whispers of fallen histories and possible futures. Details can be found in paused gestures throughout the choreographed room.

14 Gestures are performed in a silent experimental film opening a dialogue of intimacy in the spaces between language and sound.

The associated recorded work releases on Shelter Press (France) in limited edition LP format with a 16 page scorebook on 21 August 2020. Music for three combs, feedback, piano and strings.

Supported by the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grants.

Lisa Lerkenfeldt is a multidisciplinary artist working in sound, gesture and performance.